About European Restaurant Awards

General information about European Restaurant Awards

The European Restaurant Awards were launched by References Hoteliers Restaurateurs International magazine in march 2018 in Strasbourg in partnership with the European Hotel Awards.

Once a year, we draw up a list of potential candidates, accepted by a selection committee, for eligibility for the European Restaurant Awards. All choices are made according to professional criteria and geographical distribution in different countries around Europe.

The Awards sculptures were designed by Schaffner in Alsace. The patinated Gold sculptures (20 cm X 4 cm) are vintage and personalized for the winners

Thus during a prestigious ceremony dedicated to the European Restaurant Awards, we receive the winners, the jury, our VIP guests and celebrities. Following this annual evening, the post-communication is treated in the professional press and our communication media.

Hotel Partners & Hoteliers participants since 2018 with European Hotel Awards

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